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Learn to Swim Land Training (Intermediate level)

We have officially launched our land training for our intermediate level learn-to-swim swimmers on Saturday, 9 Feb'19! It is a 30-minute long training conducted in addition to our regular 1-hour swimming classes.

We are eager to improve the fundamental movement skills, or FMS, (precursor movement patterns towards a more specialized and complex skill used in sports and games) of our swimmers as it provides the basis of physical literacy.

The ability to perform fundamental movement skills proficiently gives opportunities to our athletes to move efficiently and develop the basics of athleticism: Agility, balance and coordination.

In addition to FMS, functional training – training methods that are applicable to the sport being trained for (swimming), will also be another focus in our land training. All incorporated into fun activities for our swimmers to enjoy!

Share our program to your friends and family! Swimmers will definitely get a lot out of our program!