Myelin Builder Program

The Myelin builder is a program on land and on water that is EMBEDDED in all our swimming programs. The myelin builder is based on the concept of Physical Literacy - a key component of an active life. As defined by Margeret Whitehead, physical literacy is


"the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to maintain physical activity throughout the life course"

Physical Literacy is the basic building block of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) whether it be as a career and recreational athlete. Coaches depend on the exposure athletes had from the beginning of their physical activity journey so they can be refined without much difficulty. As learning the alphabet is to reading, physical literacy is to physical activity and sports.

Hence, we break down the physical literacy into 5 basic skill sets or ABCDFs

  1. Agility

  2. Balance

  3. Coordination & Tracking

  4. Deceleration & Speed

  5. Flexibility

These skill sets lay the athletic base for movement to allow kids to understand how their bodies move and react under different environments. Although some children excel in one or more of the skillsets, it is key to place high emphasis on all as they do not function independently. 


In the water, better agility allows for quick decision making counteracting
movements that affect our propulsion.


Because water is not as stable like land, to understand how
to respond we must have a heightened awareness of how we balance on land first.


Understanding hand placement away from the core or centre of balance, or
coordinating the pattern of the kick for all the strokes to the timing of the hand pull is extremely crucial
during the LTS stage especially when balance in the water is still being developed.


Stimulating and developing these pathways help a new swimmer to move limbs (arms and legs) quickly
and independently as needed to produce propulsion as their swimming skills develop.


This is the cornerstone of all athletic
movement to enhance efficiency and reduce the possibility of injury through movement.

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