Meet The Team

Dedicated & Student-Centric Coaches​

Our coaches strive to help each student unlock their potential. We safeguard our company's standards by carefully selecting individuals whose vision and philosophy are in line with that of X Lab. We believe that this will allow our coaches to deliver an active learning experience, during swim classes, across children of different background. 

Rigorous Apprenticeship Program

All coaches are trained to meet the needs of individuals across age, motivation and learning abilities. Before embarking on their coaching journey at X Lab, coaches are put through a mix of classroom, practical and on-the-job training to ensure high proficiency in coaching.

Join us as a Coach

We are looking for exceptional people who are passionate about grooming children to win at life. You should have a passion for teaching, working with young children and desire to help others achieve their potential. We actively seek individuals who have strong observation skills, are great communicators and love working in a team-based environment. If you are fervently nodding along, write to us, we would love to start a conversation with you.