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Kids’ Learn to Swim

Our Kids’ Learn to Swim program is designed to help kids develop water confidence and a love for swimming, while having fun and building their social skills.

Why Swim With Us?

Systematic and proven curriculum

Our program consists of a total of 20 levels, from a toddler’s first time in the water, to 50m butterfly. Assessments (more like no pressure observations!) take place every 8 weeks to track your child’s progress, and certificates are available to mark each level progression.

Kids from Learn to Swim program
Indoor Heated Pool

Indoor heated pool 

Our younger swimmers begin their swim journey in our indoor heated pool, where the warm water and shallow depth help build confidence in even the most anxious beginners. Swimmers will progress to swimming in our sheltered competitive pool using teaching platforms before advancing to swimming laps!

Program Highlights

Levels 1-4

Ages 3 to 4

For preschoolers developing water confidence

  • Learn basic aquatic movements


  • Play-based approach to building strong swimming fundamentals

  • Toys and games to facilitate water discovery and confidence

45 mins, 1x/week
Class size: 1:4*

Levels  1-8

Ages 5 to 16

For newer swimmers looking to develop basic swim proficiency

  • Learn to swim 25m in each of freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke


  • Learn essential swim survival skills


  • Fulfills most schools’ requirements for swimming proficiency


  • Supportive and encouraging program that builds lifetime swim confidence

50 mins, 1x/week
Class size: 1:6*

Levels 1-8

Ages 5 to 16

For experienced swimmers looking for distance and stroke refinement

  • Extend freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke distance to 100m each


  • Learn to swim 50m butterfly


  • Develop healthy, active training habits


  • Progress to either the SwimX development and X Lab Competitive squads

50 mins, 1x/week
Class size: 1:6*

*Subject to prevailing safe management guidelines, as set by Sport SG

Fees & Schedules

  • 12-lesson term

    • $420 (weekdays)​

    • $450 (weekend)

  • $50 one-time Registration fee

Click below for our detailed schedules

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How to enrol?

Step 1: Book your free trial below

Step 2: We’ll be in touch via email or WhatsApp within 1-2 working days to arrange a convenient time and date

Step 3: Trials take place during our regular group classes. Our instructor will also assess your child’s swimming proficiency to determine a suitable placement level

Step 4: If you’d like to register for weekly classes after your trial, let us know and we’ll work with you to book your preferred timeslot.

Let's Get Started!

Book a free trial for your child to get started on their X Lab swim journey!

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