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Adult Learn to Swim & Masters

The learning never ends at X Lab! Whether you’re stepping into the pool for the first time, preparing for a big competition, or just looking to stay fit, our adult programs are designed to support and challenge you to unlock your own potential.

Adult learn to swim member

Learn to Swim

Suitable for all adult swimmers looking to improve the three basic strokes (freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke) or develop basic water confidence, safety and fitness. Our individualized program will allow you to progress at your own pace, under the gentle guidance of experienced instructors.

Adult Masters training


For proficient swimmers looking to train competitively (e.g. biathlons, triathlons) or for that extra personal challenge, our Masters team believes in working hard and playing hard. Come join us for weekly training fun as you keep yourself and your teammates accountable, and experience new breakthroughs in your fitness game!

Program Highlights

Adult Learn To Swim

Ages 18 and above

  • No swim experience required

  • Program customized to your individual learning objectives, whether it is learning stroke basics, improving stroke techniques, building endurance, or general fitness


Ages 18 and above

  • Already confident in BR, FR, BA (able to swim 200M FR without stopping)

  • Opportunity to learn Butterfly

  • Train for triathlons and other competitions

Fees & Schedules

Adult Learn To Swim

  • $420 per 12-lesson term

  • $50 one-time Registration fee


  • $150 per month

  • $80 one-time Registration fee

Click below for our detailed schedules

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How to enrol?

Step 1: Sign up for a trial session below

Step 2: We’ll be in touch via email or WhatsApp within 1-2 working days to arrange a convenient time and date

Step 3: Trials take place during our regular training. If you’re unsure if our Learn to Swim or Masters program is better for you, we can also advise based on your proficiency and goals.

Step 4: If you’d like to join us regularly after, we can then help you get registered and started!

Let's Get Started!

Book a free trial for you to get started on your X Lab swim journey!

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