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Our Story

X Lab was founded in 2016 in order to create a swimming and learning experience for kids that would be fun, rewarding, and transformational.

Today, we train over 400 swimmers every week from our world class home pool at the XCL World Academy in Yishun, and are host to the annual X Lab Pro competitive series.

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X Lab Competitive Squad
Sports Lab Family of Brands
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Together with our sister school - The Swim Lab which specializes in Learn to Swim programs for kids and adults in multiple locations across Singapore - we are proud to be part of the Sports Lab family.

X Lab is also the exclusive swimming academy for XCL World Academy, providing Learn to Swim programs for XCL students and coaching their competitive swim team, the XCL Jaguars.

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X Lab competitive squad celebrating

Our Team

At X Lab, we believe it takes a diverse team to bring the best out of diverse kids.

Our team consists of professional educators, sports scientists, accomplished multi-sport athletes, former competitive swimmers and more. All our instructors are rigorously trained in-house and certified through our joint program with the International Sports Academy: the ISA-Sports Lab Certificate of Swim Instruction.

Join Our  Team

If you are passionate about teaching kids through sports and are interested in joining the X Lab team, drop us an email. We’d love to start a conversation with you!

X Lab Coaches
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